Should you choose to give birth with our midwives, our experienced team will be there to look after you throughout pregnancy, labour and birth. The team will be on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week to offer advice and support and will address any concerns you might have throughout your pregnancy. We know how important antenatal scans are for you and your baby, and together with an ultrasound specialist, our midwives can carry out all the pregnancy screens and checks for you including:


from 8 weeks


11-13 weeks


20-24 weeks


at any point in your pregnancy

All of which can be booked via your patient liaison team.

Finally, our midwives will be by your side to deliver your baby and support you through your first steps in welcoming a new member into your family. Should any problems arise during your pregnancy, your midwife will refer you to one of our consultant obstetricians. If there are any complications during your labour, we will contact our on-call team for support. We are committed to caring for our patients in all eventualities, so all expectant mothers who opt for midwife-led care are given a named consultant to link to their care should their pregnancy become high risk. You can find our midwife profiles here.

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