After the birth of your baby, a team of professionals including midwives, maternity support workers, physiotherapists and specialist consultants (obstetricians and paediatricians) will be available to provide you with the care and support that you and your baby need.
Your baby’s routine postnatal check will be carried out by one of our experienced neonatal consultants, who will always be happy to answer any questions you might have.
The midwives you have come to know on your journey through pregnancy will be on hand, together with maternity support workers, to provide essential advice and tips, from help with bathing and changing your baby to feeding support. The team will also be there to support you in developing a close mother-baby relationship.
They will be available 24 hours a day to ensure that both you and your baby are comfortable, and to provide any guidance you may need.
A physiotherapist will see you after the birth to give you advice on personalised exercises.
Our care does not stop when you leave hospital. We offer an exclusive community postnatal package, providing you with continuity of care at times that suit you. This includes a dedicated visit at home from a midwife within 48 hours after you leave hospital.


We offer a bespoke community postnatal package to accompany you during the first months postpartum. This package will include up to five midwife visits to support you as you transition into motherhood.

The following visits are included as a minimum:

  • A visit 24 hours after leaving The Kensington Wing;
  • A visit on day five, when we will do your baby’s heel prick test;
  • Two flexible visits, as required, between days 10–14 as you and your baby transition to continued care from your local health visitor.

During all your visits, we will check your baby’s weight and offer important breastfeeding or bottle-feeding support for those first few days and weeks at home.

We offer flexibility with the timing of your postnatal visits, so they can fit in seamlessly with your routine. You will be visited by a midwife from the team, providing you with the benefits of continuity of care. We are able to take as much time at your appointment as needed to support you in your transition back into life at home with your new baby.

Should you not wish to continue your community postnatal care privately we can refer you back to the NHS postnatal community service.