Because every woman and every birth is different, we tailor our care packages to meet individual needs.
Our package selector has been designed to estimate the cost of having your baby at The Kensington Wing.
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Who would you like to lead your care?

The Kensington Wing offers the choice of either Midwife or Consultant-led care.

To find out which one might be suitable for you, go to the "your birth journey" page

Would you like to reserve The Kensington Wing Suite for your first night post-delivery?

All of our mums have the privacy of a private room, some also choose to reserve The Kensington Suite for after the birth of their child. This spectacular suite has its own private lounge and an en-suite bathroom, creating a perfect environment for you, your baby and your family. For more information on the suite go to the "our facilities" page.

Do you plan on having a vaginal delivery or a caesarean section?

Some mums already know they will have an elective caesarean section, for example if they’ve had one in the past. Others will plan on having a vaginal delivery. Select your preference from the below to help us build your package, this can always be changed as your pregnancy progresses.

How many additional nights would you like to stay in one of our postnatal rooms?

How many nights would you like to stay in The Kensington Wing Suite?

The Kensington Wing team offers an exclusive community postnatal package, providing you with continuity of care at times that suit you. This includes a dedicated visit at home from a midwife within 48 hours after you leave hospital.

*The price of our community postnatal package is inclusive of all families in our catchment area. A small additional charge is applied to those outside of the catchment area.

Would you like to book a set of five antenatal classes to help you prepare for your birth and life with your new baby?

We know how important antenatal scans are for you and your baby, and together with an ultrasound specialist, our midwives can carry out all the pregnancy screens and checks for you including:

  • Dating (from 8 weeks)
  • Nuchal (11 - 13 weeks)
  • Anomaly Scan (20 - 24 weeks)
  • Wellbeing scan (at any point in your pregnancy)

Would you like to have any or all of these scans at The Kensington Wing?

Would you like to attend one of our water birth workshops?

Have you given birth on The Kensington Wing previously?

For mothers who we are welcoming back to The Kensington Wing for another delivery, we are delighted to offer a 10% loyalty discount off the cost of the standard delivery package. Unfortunately, this discount does not apply if you are covered by a third party.

Your package plus your chosen extra services


Platinum Package With Suite which costs between £0.00 and £0.00

Please note that this is a cost estimate and is intended only to provide you with an approximate guide to the costs associated with giving birth with the Kensington Wing, based on the choices you have indicated. For a comprehensive list of costs please see our price list.

To discuss your care needs and preferences and enable us to give you a personalised guide to costs please book an appointment directly using our appointment booking tool or by calling us on 020 3315 8616.